Dual Representation, such that our firm can represent both you and your lender in handling the closing, is both legal and commonplace in Massachusetts for Real Estate Lawyers and Closing Attorneys to offer.  It provides savings to Buyers by avoiding duplication of services and permitting efficiencies.  The cost for separate representation may add several hundred dollars to the overall cost of a closing.  In all but the rarest of instances, the interests of the lender and the purchaser are so similar that there is no conflict of interest.   

Local Massachusetts banks, Greater Boston mortgage companies, and even some of the national lenders who provide mortgages in the Metrowest and South Shore areas of Massachusetts can be very selective with which attorneys they let handle real estate closings for them.

The Law Office of Timothy A. Sherman is an approved closing attorneys for a variety of financial institutions.  Please contact us if your lender is not on the following list as it is very possible to that your lender will add us to the list:



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