Refinance Borrowers

You can choose your own real estate closing attorney to handle your refinance closing in Massachusetts.

The Federally-created Consumer Federal Protection Bureau sets the rules for mortgage refinance and purchase closings.  The CFPB authorizes borrowers to select their own attorney to handle their closing.  In fact, they even encourage it by naming a section of the Loan Estimate “Services You Can Shop For”.

If you are refinancing your house in, you can choose us to handle the closing and depending upon the exact phrase your lender might use, we act in various capacities such as the Closing Attorney, Title Attorney, Settlement Agent, Settlement Service Provider, Bank Attorney, Bank Lawyer, Escrow Agent, Title Examiner, Title Insurance Provider or Lender’s Title Insurance Provider.

Why are their so many different terms?

Massachusetts is one of a handful of states (mostly East Coast states) that require a licensed Attorney conduct the closing.

That means the Closing Attorney conducts a title exam, writes the required lender’s title insurance policy, and records the documents with the Public Records, known as the Registry of Deeds.

Lenders may be able to recommend certain attorneys, but it is your right to shop around.  We recommend you “interview” and select a law firm based in Massachusetts with local, licensed real estate attorneys.

The best refinance home loan rate could save you money on your closing costs.

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Our refi attorneys will close your loan at our office, your home or even your place of work.  Appointments can be made to accommodate your schedule, including morning and evening closings.

Refinance Borrowers | Real Estate Closing Attorney

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