FAQ about the Home Selling Process

1. How much is a real estate attorney for Sellers?

Lawyers in Massachusetts that specialize in real estate closings typically charge sellers a flat fee between $1100-$1500. This legal fee covers review of Buyer’s attorney’s rider and addendum. It also could include holding the deposit funds in escrow. Factors that influence the fee include:

1. Is the property held in a Trust

2. Is it an Estate Sale?

3. Is the property a condominium or a multi-family?

4. Does the seller have a real estate agent?

5. Is it a cash purchase?

6. Does the seller have an owners’ title insurance policy?

7. Will a Massachusetts Power of Attorney be needed?

2. Do I need an attorney to sell my house in Massachusetts?

There is no requirement that you hire a real estate lawyer in Massachusetts. But when selling a large asset, having proper legal protection and guidance is recommended. Typically, the buyer will have an attorney and the seller of a house should also have legal representation.

3. When does it make sense to use a Power of Attorney?

Selling a home can take a lot of work and effort. It can be stressful. Properly using a Power of Attorney, aka a POA, can reduce stress, save a seller time and eliminate the need for the seller to attend the closing. The real estate lawyers at Sherman Law always include the drafting of the Power of Attorney in their attorney fee.

4. Does a seller have to attend a real estate closing?

No. In fact, we recommend sellers do not attend – for a variety of reasons that we are happy to discuss with you.

5. How long does a closing take?

A closing in the Greater Boston area usually takes about an hour.

6. Where will the closing be?

Closings generally take place at the closing attorney’s office, the Registry of Deeds or the office of a real estate agent.

7. What is different about selling a condominium unit?

The seller will need to provide condominium documents to the Buyer and provide a 6D certificate at closing. The Greater Boston real estate attorneys at Sherman Law can handle both.

8. Who prepares the deed to the house?

The real estate lawyers at Sherman Law always include the drafting of the deed in their attorney fee.

9. How much are closings costs to sell a house on Cape Cod?

Please see this article: https://timshermanlaw.com/sell-my-house/massachusetts-seller-closing-costs/#axzz52ylW5JnF

10. How much are seller closing costs to sell a two-family in Quincy?

Please see this article: http://timshermanlaw.com/sell-my-house/massachusetts-seller-closing-costs/#axzz52ylW5JnF

11. Does I need to have a septic test, aka Title V done to sell a home?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes. There are a few exceptions to the Massachusetts state law governing private sewer systems. The include:

1. Exception if the system has passed a septic inspection within the last 2 years of the closing date.

2. You are selling the home to an immediate family member.

12. What towns does your law firm cover property sales?

When it comes to representing sellers, our attorneys can help no matter what city or town the home is located. Our Massachusetts real estate lawyers can work in all 351 cities and towns.

We typically specialize in property sales in Greater Boston, the South Shore, Cape Cod, the Southcoast, Metrowest and the 95/495 towns.

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